Join client as full time employee - non-compete clause agreement


I work for an Indian IT Consulting company.
From past 20 months, I have been working in the USA on an onsite project at client site, on H-1B Visa.
My client would like me to join as full time employee, but I have this “non-compete clause” agreement with my current employer which says I cannot accept or seek employment with client for a period of, at least, one year following the end of my international assignment.

Does this contract hold any value in the USA?

Can I just ignore this agreement and quit my current employer to join Customer?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the response Anil!

In my case, the non-compete agreement is between me and my employer that, I cannot join Client directly or through other vendor, for at least 1 yr from the day I quit my employer.
Such contracts/agreements are valid in the USA?


Any contract that you sign in US is valid.

Indian laws are not applicable in US.

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