Is original i797 notice required for H1 visa stamping at US embassy?

I went to US on h4 visa with spouse, then filed h1 from there.

Got H1 approved and worked for a while.

Then, filed a new LCA and got the H1b amendment approved.

I have to travel to India and the amendment’s approved i797 is still awaited. The approval is visible on USCIS website though.
I have my h1 visa stamping interview in 2 days in India.

  1. Is original i797 required for stamping?
  2. Should I postpone the travel and interview date?

Original H1B i797

We would strongly recommend to postpone your travel and wait for the original i797 approval notice.

When you go for Visa stamping in the US embassy, the visa officer does have access to all your information and H1B application (including its status).

They may or may not ask for real proof.

Complete list of H1B stamping documents.

In some rare instances, it is possible that the USCIS did not relay your application’s information to the Embassy that you are visiting. There could be a delay in sending the information. You have no way of knowing this.

If they ask, you will probably have issues explaining your approval to the visa interviewing office.

Hence, our advice: Wait for the original copy and take it with you in an interview.