Is kid's speech delay problem fine with Australia PR Health check?

Hi Anil,
Can you please clarify my doubt. Do we know what kind of medical tests will be conducted for 3 year old kid. My son has speech delay and is able to understand everything.

I am currently in US and i suspect my son may not answer any questions from doctor if asked to do. If this will be a problem for visa approval, then i prefer to wait for 6-12 more months and try after my son speaks normal rather than spending $5K for visa fees and medicals.

Do the doctors specifically test for developmental delays during the tests?.
If you have any insights please let me know.

Doctor does communicate with kid for tests.
I do not think that speech delay can be a reason to deny visa or PR. The main thing that visa officer looks for is the presence of communicable diseases like HIV or TB or something similar.

Doctor does test kid’s throat, eye and ear to find any infections though.
It is your choice if you want to apply right away or want to wait.

Hi Anil,
Thank you very much!. I did completed my medical test for the family (myself, son and wife).

The doctor did not see any abnormalities with my son, he dint test his speech ability and infact did not spend much time with my son.

I received the test results today and it says his medical is passed and no more action is required.

Can i safely say that i can proceed with the application or will my son be referred to see pediatrics separately?. Please let me know.

You can safely lodge your application. No further tests are required now.