Is i94 corrected at SFO international airport CBP office after passport renewal?

HI Anil

I am prasanna from SJC, CA.

To begin with, Thanks for sharing the information with a wider community.

My I-94 expires by July(end-of-month) 2018 because of my old passport.

Have renewed my passport. Planning to travel to San Diego to extend my I-94.

Please see if you get a chance to answer the following.

  1. Is the West Pedestrian facility office open even on the weekend-days (24 * 7 ) ?

  2. By any chance, has there been a case of denial here ?

  3. Is there a chance of they asking to cross the border ?

  4. Even if they deny ( worst case ), we could travel out of the US and get back to have it
    renewed right ?

  5. Have read in some forums that CBP at the SFO airport might at times renew the I-94.
    Any thought about this ?

Looking for your response.


Hi @prasanna

1 San Diego Ysidro pedestrian facility is open 24*7

Yes, it’s open 24*7.

2. Any i94 correction / extension denials at San Diego i94 correction center?

I have not heard of any denials yet for i94 extension / correction in this facility.
The max they do is ask you to cross the border and re-enter USA by walking.

When you re-enter, the process is exactly same as you would enter US port of entry at any airport.

3. Will I be asked to cross border?

The chances of asking to cross the border are low. I would say just 30%.

This does not mean that they will not ask. So, be prepared if they do ask.

You have the option of crossing border and re-enter. They do not force it as you are still on US side.
You can simply come back home if you do not want to cross border.

Then, you can decide to get your i94 corrected/extended by other methods as described here.

4. Travel out of US and re-enter for i94 correction?

Yes, you can always and anytime travel out of US and come back to get new i94.

5. i94 correction at international airport CBP office after passport renewal?

The i94 correction at international airport CBP office is done only for mistakes done by CBP like name correction or passport number correction.

They will most probably DENY the i94 extension solely based on passport renewal.

I have inquired at many international airport’s CBP office including Boston Logan and Dallas DFW airports and they have all suggested to visit the US border and re-enter as one of the methods.

Some people may have got lucky at CBP office at SFO international airport. But, it is NOT an official method (not mentioned anywhere on CBP website) and is not reliable.

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Hi @Anil_Gupta :slight_smile:

Good morning. Thanks for your valuable help. Appreciate it.

We live in San Francisco. Do we still need to use the San Deigo location to update our I-94? I’m thinking of doing this in any close by locations. Please let me know.

Thanks again,

Hi @Ebi_Godwin

You can only do it at US border. No other CBP office will extend your i94 except at border.

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Thanks @Anil_Gupta for your quick response.

Then, we will plan for a trip to San Deigo before April (I-94 expires) and keep you posted.

Have a good day,

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Hi @Anil_Gupta - Good Morning. Sorry to bother you. I’m not able to find online site to pay the fee. Can you please direct?

Also, we are planning to go by car and spend couple of days in San Deigo as a family. Any suggestion on hotel (near by this office)?



All links are given in first post above including CBP website’s online i94 pay link:

Regarding hotel, you should check with Google :slight_smile:

Thanks @Anil_Gupta Have a good day!