Any CBP office near Portland Oregon for I94 correction after passport renewal?

Iam in Portland OREGON and is there any CBP office that will issue I94 after passport renewal

Any CBP office near Portland Oregon
Also I need to do for my wife and son as well
My son is 14 years old and does he need to be present in person for i94 extension

Any CBP office at US border will do the i94 extension after passport renewal.

NOTE: CBP office at international airports do NOT extend/correct i94 after your passport is renewd

You are pretty close to Canada border and you can get it done there.

Search for a port of entry closest to you here:

Each person who’s i94 needs extension (after passport renewal) needs to be present physically.
Yes, your son needs to be present if his i94 needs to be extended/corrected.

Do we need Canada visa for this
Plese advis

Also the link is showing Portland office but not a border
Not sure if we have anything San Yisdro near by to Portland

You will need Canada Visa to enter Canada if you are asked to cross border and re-enter USA.

Many times they do it right at CBP office inside US but other times, they ask you to cross border and re-enter.
At that point, you have the option to either cross and re-enter to get new i94 or come back home without i94 correction.

As far as I know, San Ysidro type office is not available on Canada border. I will check and reply though.
One more is available at Laredo, TX (Mexico Border) where i myself recently visited.

It’s 14 hours to san yisdro
Any CBP office near by would be helpful

Unfortunately, this process is only done at Texas, California or Arizona CBP offices as far as I know.

Other options to extend i94 after passport renewal are mentioned in detail here: