Is H4 i797 required for H1B visa stamping with dropbox

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I am visiting India within 1 week and am I eligible for drop box (me, on H1B and wife, she is on H4). Question is do I need wife’s I797 at time of stamping OR just my (H1B) I-797 is sufficient?
How many I797 do i need? current and last or all I797 issued till date?
There is no change in employment or Visa Class.


If you have your spouse’s approved i797, then it is advisable to submit it too.

For Dropbox, you only need to submit the most recent i797 approval copies.

For interview, it is advisable to carry all previous original approved i797;s.

thanks Anil. Case is for both of us visa stamp expired in Aug-2018 and reading forums it was confusing as nobody has ever mentioned about I797A of spouse. Thanks for clarification.

Another question, do I need original too OR just photocopy is fine?

For Dropbox, as far as I know, you only need photocopies.

US embassy already has details about your i797 from USCIS. Photocopies are needed only for verification.

Cool. Will update my experience after visit.

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How your approval went ?

I don’t have h4 i797 and May go for Dropbox with primary applicant i797 . Is that ok or any issues?

Hi @Ramarao05

H4 i797 is irrelevant and is not required for H4 visa stamping. You only need H1B i797 for H4 stamp along with other supporting documents.

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Hi anil,
H4 dropbox.Does it require original i797 of the h1