Is H4 extension receipt number separate if filed with H1B extension?

Hello Anil,

Just confusion, my H1b and my wife’s H4 extension is filed TOGETHER and I have received only ONE receipt number to track. Do we get another number for H4. My employer said its only receipt number we get if filed together. But how can we be sure it is filed?

I’m trying to understand as my H1 and wifes H4 visas are expiring Feb16th. Just want to be sure she is not accruing illegal stay.

I have not heard of this thing earlier.
USCIS issues separate receipt number for H4 and H1B applications even when filed together.
Did your spouse sign on any form i539 for H4 extension?

H1B is filed on form I-129 and H4 on form i539.

You should receive separate receipt number for H4 application.

She did sign on a form while applying mine. Not sure if it is I-539.

But i see that it says G-28

You should also always keep a scanned copy of forms that you or your wife signs for future reference.

Do you remember what mailing address was mentioned on the form that your wife signed?
Usually, employer writes your address on H4 so that you directly receive the USCIS receipt mail.

There is no address column in what i have received. I remember she has signed a g-28 form and send it to my attorney.

Ok. .if you submitted G28 form, then chances are high the Employer gave attorneys address.

You have to check with Employer or attorney.