Is H4-EAD automatically renewed for 180 days after expiry?

My H4-EAD renewal application was file 6 months before its expiry but we still have not received any result.

is H4-EAD eligible for automatic 180 days extension?

Am i eligible for automatic 180 days extension and keep working?

Is H4 EAD valid for 180 days after its expiry automatically - NO

H4 EAD falls under the EAD sub-category (including L-2 spouses and qualifying H-4 spouses) that does not allow automatic renewal or extension, if the application for renewal was filed timely and USCIS has still not taken any decision.

H4 EAD card mandatory to re-start work after H4 EAD extension/renewal - YES

You have to have the H4-EAD card to resume working if your work permit has expired.
It does not matter if USCIS has delayed it for whatever reason.

We know that it is difficult to understand but that is how the rule stands at this point of time.

180 days automatic EAD renewal is only for specific EAD types

For other EAD applications, the rule does say that if USCIS delays the renewal and EAD expires, person can still keep working for up-to 180 days as it is considered automatically extension.

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Thank you very much for the insights. I have recently applied for H4-EAD renewal and my work permit is about to expire in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I was in a thought that EAD has automatic extension for 180 days until I read this post. Now, I am going to let my employer know my situation.

Thank you once again for clearing this confusion.

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