Is H1B no-change extension transferred from CSC to NSC eligible for Premium now?

Hello Anil,

I have just found this website and it’s really helpful. Appreciate your work to the community. By the way have question regarding h1b extension premium conversion.

I hope you will be able to answer it.

Is H1B extension transferred from California to Nebraska eligible for Premium now?

Question: my h1b extension has been filed in CSC in March 2018 and same has been transferred to NSC on 1st October 2018.

Is my petition eligible for premium conversion as it’s in NSC and it’s a pure extension.

I have been working for the same employer and client from last 3 years. My earlier extension was also filed with the same employer and client.

Appreciate your inputs here.

Yes, it looks like your case is eligible for premium processing upgrade for your ‘no change’ H1B extension.

More info:

Thank you so much for your inputs. by any chance did you encounter any of the similar cases post September 11th?
Where petition transferred from CSC to NSC and converted to premium.

Yes, i know of cases where H1B extension was transferred from CSC to NSC. But, people just queried if they can convert to premium and have not really converted :).
This is probably because Nebraska is till processing applications faster than other centers and has really low turnaround time of 4 months.
That’s also precisely the reason why your application was transferred too.

With increased premium processing fees of $1410, people are less motivated to file for it after waiting for more than 6-7 months.

I think you should receive result pretty soon now. I estimate somewhere before or in Nov.

Hello Anil,

Employer says H1B extension filed in CSC, transfer to NSC is not eligible for Premium?

i have reached out to my employer for premium conversion but they are saying petition initially filed in CSC hence it won’t be eligible for premium conversion though it has been transferred to NSC and pure extension.

Did you hear/know some body who did file premium after transferring to NSC from CSC post September 11th? appreciate your inputs.

thank you

I am not sure why your employer is saying this.

H1B no-change extensions transferred to NSC are eligible for Premium Processing upgrade

USCIS has clearly mentioned that you CAN upgrade your application to premium (if eligible) at the new transferred service center as well.

Here is the USCIS reference: