Is H1B extention i797 copy good for Dropbox?

Hi all,
My H1B extension was filed under premium processing and here is latest update i see on USCIS site.

“Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed”.We approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number ##### and emailed you an approval notice.

Q1 - under premium processing, how many days it takes to receive physical original of I-797? I think they send to my attorney.
Q2 - I am currently in India (flying back to USA on Feb10) and need to fillup DS-160 and visit “dropbox” for stamping. Should I wait until i receive original I797 physical OR just fillup DS-160 (ask my attorney to send me scanned copy of I797 as soon as they receive it), is that enough as proof for dropbox?

i797 delivery time after approval

It can take anywhere between 7 to 21 days to get the i797 approval copy by mail.

i797 Color copy

If you are using Dropbox, you can use the copy of i797.
But, if you are going for personal interview, it is recommended to carry original i797.

H1B stamping in India document checklist

thanks Anil. Are you suggesting me to wait then? i have limited time in India (Flying back on Feb-10). let say my attorney receives original I797 by jan28 and sends me scanned color copy. Do I have sufficient time to process “dropbox”? I am eligible for dropbox.

It depends on what dates are available for Dropbox appointment.

Dropbox is walk-in, no prior appointment…right?

Sorry, I meant to say visa interview appointment.

Dropbox is walk in.

so what is your suggestion?

As i already said, Photocopy of i797 is acceptable in Dropbox.

Hi guys,

I am in a very bad condition at the moment.
My I797 approved under premium process, but my attorney haven’t received hard copy of i797 A. Now, my visa stamping is scheduled next week for Dropbox. What should I do now? Can I attempt visa Dropbox or should I wait until I received hard copy from my attorney?

Is their any flexibility to submit email confirmation received from uscis saying my i797 approval notice instead of copy i797?

Or shall I reschedule another visa appointment date?
Or Is their anyway I can request us consulate that I will submit i797A copy within a week? Please suggest me guys. Help will be really appreciated!!

Hello, we are in the same boat now. What was your experience? I have a copy of my 797 though as USPS had lost the original I797