Is F1 stamping required after H4 to F1 COS approval?

Hi Anil,
If my wife applied for COS from H4 to F1 and get approval. Do she need to go for interview to get the F1 stamped on the passport?

H4 to F1 COS approval

If the COS is approved, her status is automatically changed from H4 to F1. You should get the i797 approval notice with new i94 attached to it clearly showing the status as F1.

F1 stamping required if travel outside USA

She needs to get F1 stamping only when she travels outside USA and then wants to re-enter using F1 visa.

@Anil_Gupta - My wife converted from H4 to F1 via COS. She is in second semester of her Masters. She need to go to India for stamping. Could you please share your valuable comments or any experience you know or any advise, so that she has the best chances of getting the visa stamped.

Hi @arjun22

I can only answer if you ask specific question. Each visa stamping has its own risks.
So, cannot give any general guidance.

@Anil_Gupta Could you please direct me to any H4 to F1 visa stamping experience? Or if any page you have created from H4 to F1 stamping interview questions?

HI @arjun22

I do not have any specific page that has F1 questions at this time.

This tag can help find other topics related to H4 to F1:

@Anil_Gupta - Could you please confirm if my wife can go for F-1 stamping to India alone, and in case it is rejected, she can come back on H-4 visa? I won’t be going to India at this time.

Hi @arjun22

F1 stamping can be done alone. If she has any other valid visa to enter US, she can use it to come back.