Is Dropbox safe for H1B on Employer Vendor client model?

Hi Anil,

I have a question regarding H1B Visa drop box.

I did a H1 transfer from a E-C model employer to E-V-C model employer earlier this year.
My current visa expired in June 2018 and I need to Travel to India in Jan 2019. My current Petition is valid until Oct 2020.

Is it advisable to opt for Drop Box in E-V-C model?

Dropbox does not make any difference to E-C or E-V-C model.
If US embassy thinks that they need more information from you after Dropbox, they will either call you for interview or ask for more documents.

Also, when you start your US Visa interview appointment, it will ask you questions to check your Dropbox eligibility.
If you are eligible, it will ask you to go for it.

As per my opinion, you should Dropbox if you are eligible.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am eligible for drop box for sure and I think its not an option to not opt for it.

In case if they call for an Interview, is that immediate or I need to book based on the availability?

Yes, DropBox is not optional if you are alone.
If you go with family for interview as a group and one of the member is NOT eligible for dropbox, then you can skip (opt out of) dropbox too.

US embassy will guide you on interview based on your paperwork. Most of the time, you have to book an appointment through the usual appointment calendar.