Is Company Secretary profession eligible for Australia PR immigration?

Me and my wife is planning to immigrate to #australia.
She is a company secretary by profession and i am a hotelier.

Do you think we guys can get immigration?

Company Secretary Australia 189 Visa - Not eligible

ANZSCO Code = 221211
Visa Eligible = 190, 407, 489 (S/T), TSS (S) **
Assessment Agency = VETASSESS

Hotel or Motel Manager Australia 189 Visa - Not eligible

ANZSCO Code = 141311
Visa Eligible = 190, 407, 491 (S/T), TSS (S)*
Assessment Agency = VETASSESS

None of you are eligible for points tested 189 visa at this time based on your occupation.

Check the complete list of occupations here:

Yes, you are right.
My wife’s job is there in the list which is Company secretary…

But when i see it in 189, 190, 489 no one is picking this profile…

But when i see the job responsibilities of a CS and an Internal Auditor, they are same.

Can we apply for Internal Auditor?

No state is picking the profile of a CS.
For Internal Auditor all states are open.

Which one makes more sense?

How many SkillSelect Australia points does your wife have at this time?

So far 45.
20 we are expecting from the language test making it 65 in total.

Can Internal Auditor be same as Company Secretary?

But there is a challenge now to claim job experience 5 points because before applying for the skill assessment we are confused of Internal Auditor or Company Sec.

And i am amazed, half of the consultants says yes you can go with Internal Auditor profile and other half say you cannot change your profession.

We understand its a different profession but job responsibilities are same.

Can we file for an Internal Auditor skill even if her job title is Company Secretary?

If the duties written match 65% to the internal auditor, they will give the points for Internal Auditor.

I cannot comment on what she can file for or not.

If you are convinced that her job responsibilities are same as internal auditor, she can file for the assessment and see what the result is.

Assessment company evaluates the job eligibility based on what you write in the job experience letters.
Now, it’s up to you what you write. The education should also be in the same field to get points.

Okay thanks. Makes sense.

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