Is 189 PR visa valid for 5 yrs? Renew PR after 5 years?

189 pr visa validity is it for 5 yrs ? on 5th year of stay have to apply for PR ? what are the chances of getting pr after staying for 5 yrs at australia

189 / 190 Visa PR is valid for 5 years

Yes, this 189 or 190 Visa PR is valid for 5 years and gives you permanent residency to live and work in Australia.

You can either apply for Australia citizenship after 4 years or apply for PR renewal for another 5 years after your current PR is about to expire.

Australia PR renewal chances after 5 years

The chances of renewal depend on what circumstances you are in. It cannot be predicted.

If everything is fine and you have followed all the laws, there should be no issue in PR renewal or getting citizenship.