Invitation for ICT Business analyst with 75 points for Victoria state

Hi Anil,
I have submitted EoI last week with 75 points for Victoria state with ICT Business analyst skillcode.
I have tried various agencies to get some guesstimate on when I would get invitation as currently it is 80 points… One agency said that state issues invitation after checking the profile with english score and quoted that me and my spouse have superior english and have lesser waiting time probably 4 months.

I have nowhere to go to get some idea on whether 75 points has any chance to get state nomination. can you please provide some guesstimate on the waiting time if there is any chance based on your experience please?. thanks

We track minimum points to get invitation with respect to job code here:

It shows that Business Analyst did get 189 invitation with 75 points in 11 Oct, 2018 draw. With this, you have pretty good chances of getting 189 invite in next draw.

Are you looking specifically for Victoria state nomination or 189 will work for you?

Hi Anil,
THanks a lot for a quick response. I apologize for not stating the info correctly.

My points are 65 for 189 and for state nomination 65+5 + 5 (partner skills after skills assessment and IELTS score)
=75 points.

So currently for state nomination for VIC its 80 points for ICT business analyst and 75 for 189.

I am not sure when it will come down and my EoI updated date is just last week after partner skills assessment completion.

I heard from immitracker and expatforum users that there are so many ICT Business analysts with 75 points for STate nomination from last 1 year and waiting for 80 to come down.
Please share your views.

Ok. I understand your concern.

But, is there any reason why you have not considered spouse (5) points for 189 visa?
You would reach 70 points for 189 in that case.

Then, once Australia immigration shares the data for new draw’s, we can estimate better if you can get an invitation or not.

Yes Anil, the reason I have not considered spouse 5 points is her skill set is in STSOL only which is helpful only in 190 visa . Can you please let me know what is the link for checking the invitation round for jan 2019 or later for 190 visas please.

The most recent data that Australia immigration has shared is for Nov 11 draw at this time.

Jan 2019 data will probably come out in 2-3 months.
We track each draw and its result for each ANZSCO code here:

You can get Australia immigration results here on their own website:

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Hi Anil Gupta,

What are the chances of getting an invitation for a 190 visa (Australian PR) with 80 points from NSW or Victoria for an ICT business analyst?

Hi @Farhan_Ilyas

You have good chance of invite with 80 points.

Thanks for your response. When can I expect the same… i mean approximate waiting period

Hi @Farhan_Ilyas

States do not share any invite data and hence, I don’t have any estimate for state.