Initial i797 Petition Withdrawn by Employer


My employer, withdrawn i797 petition which is under processing with uscis. I have the receipt number. This is my initial H1B application through the 2020 lottery system.

Since the employer submitted a withdrawal request from USCIS, is there a way to save this petition? Can we submit client details through any other employer? Is this a lost petition or anyway too revive this?

Please suggest.


What is your current status? Was this H1B lottery petition ever approved?

No Anil,
This is the first time ever petition picked in the lottery 2020. I’m on CPT pursuing a Ph.D.
My employer sent a withdrawal request but Case status is updated with RFE.

(Unable to respond to your question on your website, so I had to reply here).


I still don’t understand.

If your H1B application has not been approved, and the Employer has withdrawn it, then you need to file lottery application again next year in new H1B season.

Though my employer requested a withdrawal, USCIS issued rfe.
So I wanted to verify if we can retrieve the application by submitting different client details to USCIS as I have the case number.

Was trying to check options. I realize there’s nothing that can be done now and we need to try next year’s lottery. Thank you for your response sir.