Indian PCC from SFO Indian Embassy

Hi Anil,

Me and my wife both are applying for PCC at SFO Indian Embassy.
I read your last question that husband and wife can send application in same package. I have some follow up questions:

  1. Do I need to send 2 return envelopes or just one?
  2. Do I need to also send marriage certificate copy?
  3. My passport was issued in SFO while hers was issued in India. According to your note, my PCC should be ready sooner than hers. What if my PCC is ready before hers is? Will we get our passports back together or separate ly?
  4. Do I need to make 2 money orders of $27 or single money order of $54 is fine?
  5. What do you recommend? Sending passports separate or together?

Thanks in advance!

Send 2 ‘return envelopes’

I suggest to send two return envelopes as if one of your PCC takes more time, the other one (if ready) can be sent back to you immediately.

Marriage certificate not required

No need for sending marriage certificate.

Passport issued in India will take time for PCC

Passport issued in India will take about 3-4 weeks to clear PCC. That’s why I have suggested to send two return envelopes.

Single money order for husband and wife works

Single money order is fine if you are sending them in single envelope.

Sending Both husband and wife PCC application in one mailing envelope

It’s your choice. Sending it together will save you one way mailing cost.

Make sure that you keep the PCC application (misc form and supporting documents) for each one of you separately inside the mailing envelope.
What i mean is keep your application and documents in one small envelope, your wife’s in second envelope and then both of them in one main outer envelope (that you will paste stamp on) and mail. also add 2 return envelopes for each one of you.

Thanks for the quick reply Anil!
I’ll send them together with 2 return envelopes.

Yes, understood. Thanks!

One more question though. I notarized all my documents except my I-94 form. Because it’s a print out from online I-94 so the USPS won’t notarize it. That should be okay, right?

Official SFO Indian Embassy guidance says that i94 should be notarized too. You can take its color print to USPS for notary.
If nothing works, then just self-attest and send.