Indian passport renewal for minor and parents US VISA expired on their valid passport

Hello Anil,

I am applying for passport renewal for my 7 year son under New-York jurisdiction with bellow facts

  1. Sons H4 extension is still in “Case Was Received” state (was applied in Nov 2019)
  2. Wifes H4 extension is still in progress.
  3. My H1B extension is approved and I have valid I-797A and I-94

One of the document in checklist is notarized copies of Parents Valid Visa

For both of us Visa stamped in passport is expired. I have sent query to CKGS about this but didn’t receive any response so far. I am looking for suggestions in this situation what documents I can send to CKGS as a legal status proof for me and wife.

Can I send Notarized copy of expired visa along with my I-797A and I-94 and
for wife’s expired visa with USCIS I-797C Notice of action receipt
along with my son’s no-status affidavit and I-797C Notice of action receipt?


Send the copy of pending extension receipts.