Incomplete documents - shipping by FedEx or UPS?


Got an incomplete documents notice via email from CKGS.
But I don’t see CKGS website offering shipping service to send pending documents.
Plan to send it by directly buying the shipping label from FedEx or UPS.
Want to know if FedEx works? Somewhere read it has to be only UPS.

Appreciate urgent help!

I can’t comment on what you read ‘somewhere’.

Fedex should work. Not sure what difference would it make even if you send by UPS.

That’s what I was also wondering and emailed CKGS. But got mixed response from them.
One said It’s advisable to use UPS service only and another said can use either of them.
Anyway I had sent it through FedEx and got processed and moved to next stage.

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Hello Anil,
How can I send the missing documents to CKGS. Initially I have opted for CKGS shipping and sent my application, they have asked me to submit some additional documents. It would be great if you can help on this.

Thank you.

Hi @sandeep236217

Please read above.

Thank you Anil. I have sent it through FedEx and I mentioned my web reference ID for correspondence. I will update accordingly here. Hope it helps to someone latter.

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@sandeep236217 Hi Sandeep

Did your application go through? I have also received an incomplete documents status. What did you mention on the envelope while shipping incomplete documents?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Zac,
Sorry for the late reply. Yes it went through. I mentioned my web reference number on the envelope that’s it. I got my original and new passport after one week of shipping my missing documents. Good luck!.

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Thank you! I mentioned the web reference number on the envelope too and it worked. Received the passport in 10 days.