Immigration with visa validity for 2 months

Hello Anil, firstly thanks for being there. I got in a situation and thought you can help me with it.

I am travelling to India and coming back in mid of March and will have just 2 more months remaining on my H1b visa. Visa extension hasn’t been filed yet, it will only be filed after I am back so my question is can there be challenges with immigration? Do I need to carry any specific documents? I am travelling to attend Barsi of a close family member so can’t really say it’s an emergency.

This is ok as far as you have a valid visa and active H1B job.

Last 3 pay stubs.
Employment verification letter with job position, job role, annual salary etc to match with your LCA/H1B petition.
Current I-797.
Copy of complete H1B packet (I-129 & LCA).
Any end client project SOW if working on a end client project.
Passport with valid H1B visa.

Thanks Kalpesh! I travelled and came back, overall it was a smooth experience.

Message to fellow travelers, Covid Antigen test counter is right outside Delhi airport gate number 3 so no need to go anywhere else.

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