If i move to H1b from L2, Will it impact the GC filling.

I was working on L2 EAD before it expired on July 28th, I applied for an Extension in March along with my spouse L1 Extension(We filed it in priority). L1 Extension got approved but if still waiting for my EAD extension.

My employer also filed for an H1b which got picked in July last in second round of lottery.


  1. If i apply for an H1B, Do i need to travel to get the visa stamped or can it happen while i am in the US.
  2. My spouse company is looking to file our GC(L1A to GC), If i move to H1B will it impact the filing as i am included as a dependent in the application.

H1B can be filed with change of status from L2 to H1B. This way you dont need to go for consular processing (visa stamping).
Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer.

No issues at all. You will be a derivative to the primary beneficiary. As a derivative you dont need to be on dependent visa (H4/L2).