ICT Security Specialist or Software engineer as primary applicant


We(Me and my spouse) have got assessed from ACS and based on our analysis on PR points I would get 75 points and my spouse would get 70 points in best case.

Our details are as follows
Gaj: ICT Software engineer(75 Points considering Partner skill and SUB 190)
Var: ICT Security Specialist(70 Points considering Partner skill and SUB 190)

Who should be the primary applicant in the Visa application, So that we get the VISA as early as possible?
For the above anzsco’s which country would be better (VIC or NSW) for get the VISA and JOB.

Kindly Let me know your view.


You should file the EOI with person who is getting more points i. E. ICT software engineer.

You will get invite immediately if you file with 75 points for 189 visa.


I have confusion between Non Pro-Rata(ICT Security Specialist) and Pro Rata(Software engineer). Could you please explain a bit?

My understanding is that there are very few applicants applying as ICT Security Specialist(May get invitation early) and huge number as Software engineer (waiting in queue for long time with 75 points also).

So I thought of making person with ICT Security Specialist as primary.

Please correct me if I have misunderstood.

I have written about difference between pro-rata and non pro-rata in detail here:

Yes, you are right.
If you apply using non-prorata job code, you will get invite faster than pro-rata.

Thanks once again.

Now we have Non-Pro-rata (70 Points) and Pro-Rata(75 points). Based on Points and Pro-rata, who should be primary so that we get faster invitation?

As i said earlier, filing with Software Engineer will get you invite faster than security specialist profile in your case.

At this time, the software engineer (261313) is getting invite with 70-75 points whereas security specialist (262112) needs 80 points.

What you can do is file two separate EOI. One with primary as software engineer and other with Security specialist as primary.

Then, file PR with whichever EOI gets invite first.

Does that help?

Thanks. That’s really good plan.

One more question, any official website/link where we can monitor the invitation being sent out for software engineers or ICT Security specialist?

so that we can plan accordingly.

There is no official data shared by Australia immigration except this:

How do we track how many invitation are sent from individual state

I don’t know if states share any invite data.

Hello Anil,
would you able to tell me when i should expect my invitation for below EOIs

EOI 1:
ICT security (Non pro-rata)
Points: 75( subclass 189) and 80 (190 Victoria)
EOI effective date: 2 may 2019

EOI 2:
Software engineer (Pro- rata)
Points: 75( subclass 189) and 80 (190 Victoria)
EOI effective date: 2 may 2019


Hi @Swarnika_Kumari

Both have good chance of invite in Aug 2019 draw with 75 points.

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Hello @Anil_Gupta,

I know I am asking this question again, but as new financial year first invites and official skill select results are out and that doesn’t look very favourable to me.

I would again request you to tell me, if I stand any chance of getting invite in August 2019 at 75 points for any of these skill ICT security or Software Engineering?

I really appreciate your suggestion .


Hi @Swarnika_Kumari

The chances are low for an an invite with 75 points in 2613 category if your date of effect is on or after March 2019.


thanks for replying

even for ICT security 2621 category the chances are low ???

Hi @Swarnika_Kumari

Yes, its low for both.


Thanks for your reply


I have applied under ANZCode ICT Security Specialist with 70 points (65+5) for 190 category (VIC). Are there realistic chances of invite?

I can increase my points to 80 (75+5) under 190 and 75 under 189 sub-classes respectively. Will I stand a chance then ?

Appreciate your advice.


Hi @PradeepT

It is better to increase your points to have a realistic chance of invite at this time.

Submitted two EOI’s today:

  1. ICT Security Specialist for my wife is having 80 points(189 Visa) and 85 points(190 Visa VIC). We submitted EOI today only. She is the primary applicant.
  2. For me, 70 points as Software engineer code (190 Visa VIC). I am a primary applicant in this EOI.

What are our chances of getting a visa.
Appreciate your advice.