I94 typo, expired before H4



In my H4 approval notice, my H4 is valid till Dec 2024 but I94 is valid only till Jan 2024.
I believe this was due to a typo while adding the 10 day grace period. It should have been approved till Jan 2025.

Unfortunately we only noticed this in Feb 2024 and I-94 has already expired.
What would be the best way to proceed ?

  1. Leave USA and return on new visa stamp. Will we have any issues on re-entry ?
  2. Submit H4 NPT and wait for uscis to update on their end.

Please suggest if there are any other options.
Thank you !

@Anil_Gupta would appreciate your advice on this issue.
Would H4 NPT have a chance to be approved in this case or is it safer to travel out of US ?