I94 stamp in passport but not on the website

Hi i got my i94 updated at the otay mesa port of entry last weekend. They stamped my passport but i did not see the online update. So we went back to the cbp counter and asked about it. They said since i was on h4 they uprated my i94 based off of my husband’s i94 and i797 approval document and that there will be no online update. We asked if this gives me legal status and they said it did along with the i797 approval document. We sent this to our lawyers and they say the stamp alone dpes not mean i have legal status. Can you please help. Thank you.

Did you file H4 extension of status application before visiting the CBP?

I didnt have to. I have valid visa stamping.

I know you dont have to however wanted to check if that was the case and the reason why CBP didn’t issue the I-94 online.

It’s strange that they would say the stamp will serve the purpose.

Did you try contacting CBP and ask, if not I would suggest doing it.

Hi thanks for your response. I had called the otay mesa border and also had been to the detroit tunnel (US Canada border) cbp office. They said that tbe i94 stamp on the passport is legal status. And in order to update it online I’ll have to reenter the country. During the i94 update at rhe otay mesa border they said that since i am a dependent my i94 has been updated based off of my husband’s i94 date. And the i94 stamp on the passport along with the valid visa stamp is enough to maintain the legal status.