I94 extension at San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border, Old passport expired, Renewed passport


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Thanks @Anil Gupta.
I was able to extend my i94 at Sandiego using the above process. Thanks for the help.

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My sons passport and visa is expiring on Feb 26th 2019. His visa stamp, passport and I 94 all have the same expiring date as Feb 26th 2019.
However his I 797 approval copy has a date till Sep 2019. Will the I 94 be extended based on visa stamp or I 797?


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Hi @chandrat
I94 can be extended till i797 validity if you get it done before i94 expires or visa stamp expires.

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Thank you for your reply. We will update you once done.

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Hello Anil&Everyone,

I just got my I94 extended today (14th Feb, 2019) at the San Ysidro pedwest office. I followed the exact guildlines as mentioned above and the entire process was super easy.

  1. Took an Uber from the airport to 499 Virginia Avenue. The pedwest office is right opposite to the border outlet mall.
  2. There was a separate room for I94 extensions and there was an officer at the entrance who asked me to cross the border and come back.
  3. There are clear signs to enter Mexico (turnstile). Walk all the way to Mexico immigration. It was raining heavily and the immigration was deserted. Fill up the Mexican immigration form (just name date of birth and passport details).
  4. The Mexican immigration gave me a one day visa. Exit the immigration after bag check and there will be an entrance to a bridge. Get on it and follow the signs to USA.
  5. Upon entering USA, the immigration officer asked my the reason for visit and I explained him. He Walked me to the I94 office and I went to the same officer I met earlier.
  6. He asked me where I work and what I do and issued me a new stamp in my old passport. Online I94 was updated immediately. Whole process took just 45 minutes.

One question to Anil. The I94 given by the officer and the online I94 information is linked to my OLD passport. Is that ok?

Thank you Anil and others for all the help.

(Anil Gupta) #181

Hi @ssrigane
Don’t worry about the i94 attached to old passport. It is normal.

Thanks for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

(Chandra T) #182

Hi Anil,

Just went to the Mexico Pedwest facility for my son’s I 94 ext due to passport expiry.The officer handed me over admit card I-94 which had the extended date, he also stamped the new passport with the extended date.

However I do not see the I-94 date updated online till now, is there a miss here. ? its been 6 hrs now.
How long would it take for the I 94 to be updated online, should I be visiting again and rechecking with the officer?


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Hi @chandrat
No need to worry. You have the paper i94 and it is perfectly valid.

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Hello Anil

I just got my I94 extended yesterday(17th Feb, 2019) at the San Ysidro pedwest office and I94 information is linked to my OLD passport.

After crossing the broder, i didn’t see any Mexican immigration office and i Just Walked Back to USA.
Is that ok?

Thank you Anil and others for all the help.


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Hi @madhuc

Do not worry about Mexican Immigration. If you are back in US, you are good.

(Madhuc) #186

I am back in the US.

Thanks for your help.