I94 extension at San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border, Old passport expired, Renewed passport

Thank you very much.

Bill…Thanks a lot for the detailed message. Very helpful.

FYI…It appears that my mistake you have switched East Facility to West Facility and vice versa.

Thank you, I have just checked on Google Maps and corrected my main post above and made them BOLD Also, updated some typo’s. Feel so relaxed today. Now onto the next phase :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Bill. We are heading there this week to renew my wife’s already expired I-94 with new passport. We already filed I-539 for her, but will not get approval in time due to delays at USCIS. Hope we get over this soon without anymore issues. Have a great day.

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Thanks @Billsensei for buying us coffee too.

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Hi Prasad…Thanks for the info. Did you/your wife had to get Mexican Visa for crossing the border and to go to Mexico.?..Did you have to go through Mexico immigration at all…?

In 2017, I got my visa stamped for XXX Client till Sept 2020. I travelled to US and stayed till Aug 2018 and returned upon completion of project. Then I got opportunity to travel again to US but with different client

My employers have applied for H1B Amendment (Change of Client) when I was in India and traveled to USA on May, 2019 using receipt of the amendment. My US Visa stamping was based on old petition which is valid till Sept, 2020. Upon arrival, immigration has issued i-94 based on my Visa validity which is till Sep 2020.

After few months my petition got approved till Feb,2022 but without any new i-94 because it was treated as consular processing.

Now I need to match my i-94 with new approved petition date.

In crunch

  1. Both my H1B Visa and I-94 expiring in Sept,2020

  2. I have a valid petition till Feb,2022

My question is can I cross border in San Diego and get my i-94 extended?

What are my options here.



@Anil_Gupta @Billsensei and Shrikanth_Nayak…Thank you all for providing valuable information. We were able to make our trip to San Ysidro for I-94 extension get it done successfully. I have crated attached map for crossing the Pedestrian Border at San Ysidro East Crossing and coming back to the USA. Hope this will help other people in similar situations.


Hi @sudhir.tumu

You can cross border at San Diego and get new i94.

Well done on the new stamp, and the map is great so thanks. I think it goes well with my own posting so I wish I had created one too to explain the route. That trip into Mexico is confusing with the extra turnstyle a long way from exiting immigration, and the walk back to the US side is not obvious at all, so again great work.

Hi Anil, Thanks for this write up.
My case is not of passport renewal. Here are the events:

  • Working in Company A
  • Company B’s H1B transfer in process
  • Traveled outside US
  • Company B’s H1B transfer approved with I94 (exp. Nov 2022) attached to I797
  • Returned back to US and showed Company A’s I797 while entering (since I didn’t had the physical copies of the new I797 with me)
  • Joined Company B

The problem is that the I-94 attached with Company B’s I797 got overridden by the I94 I received on my recent return to US which is expiring next month Aug 2020.

Can I use this I94 extension method in my case since it is not about passport renewal? Would really appreciate a response since I am against a timeline. TIA

Hi @ary123

Yes, you can visit the San Diego border and can get new i94.

Hi @Anil_Gupta
Thanks for the post it is super informative.I am in the same situation right now during the COVID-19. I am located in NJ and closest border is Niagara Buffalo of Canada.
But I do not have canada visa as visa applications still not opened. My i94 expires on August 2020 and visa/petition valid till Mar-2022. Anybody has experience or idea if US CBP on Canada border will help updating the i94 the same way as Mexico border without need of crossing border as I do not have Canada Visa?

I recently renewed my i94 at Laredo Mexico border last Saturday. It went pretty smooth.

Recently we see that folks are asked to cross the border. Simple and straight forward as long as you have all the documents. The Mexican side people know the drill.

Hi @ranveersinh_chavda

See this recent experience at Canada border during COVID-19:

Hello User’s,

Thanks for sharing ur experience. I updated my I-94 Expiry date today i.e (21 June 2020).
All the information needed is already mentioned in the post just adding few that are missing.

  1. If you enquire about i-94 renewal to any of the officer they would suggest you to go to the East Campus and check first if you are required to leave US and come back.
  • My suggestion is better don’t waste ur time in this as almost everyone right now is been asked to cross the border and come back so why to waste an Hr just to clarify things.
  1. How do you know you are on the right path
  • Somebody did mention once you come across the bridge you would see
    a) Train Station (Left side)
    b) McDonald’s (Left side)
    c) And as soon as you come downstairs to your Right the East office
    No need to cross the road
  1. As you plan to enter US you might have to wait in a Queue
    This Queue is for 3 types of people
    a) GENERAL
    b) PERMIT
    c) SENTRI

Important thing to note : So since there where lot of people in the queue i decided to approach the officer directly. Broke the line went to the office and i told him i have PERMIT AN US visa and want to renew my i-94.

Verified my old i-94 and my visa and he said go to the YELLOW Building and then BLUE.
Important if you are just going for I-94 Renewal plz don’t wait in this big queue you can skip it by getting in touch with the officer waiting at the entrance.

I came up with this idea after waiting for an hr in the long queue. So do give it a shot and i think we don’t need to wait in thee big queue.

  1. The yellow building actually looks like house i missed it first went to blue and then came back again to yellow so called building but trust me it looks like Hotel entrance or an Home entrance.

  2. Max time 30 mins if you can skip the queue.

  3. So if you have renewed your passport and just want to extend you i-94

Note : Latest i-94 will be visible on the older passport number and not the newer one since you H1-B visa is linked with your old passport number

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Hi everyone,

I successfully updated my i94 last Saturday at the San Diego Ysidro Border. All the information provided by you all was very useful, thank you so much!

The whole process took me 3 hours. There was huge line to get back into US. There was nobody that i could check if i had to wait in the line or not so i waited in the line. But after i entered the border gate the office told me that from that point i do not have to wait in the line and go to yellow building first and then directly to the blue building (there was a big line from the gate to the blue building again, which would have taken 1 more hour if i had to stand in line). From that point it just took me 10 minutes. The officers are really nice and helpful.

Thanks again to all you guys!

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True same story when i did it on Sunday. Huge Line plus i have seen people offering a 7$ ride straight to blue building if anyone wants to take a risk they can go for it.

I asked someone to hold the position for me went ahead and asked the officer he said plz go in and i was link shit i wasted around an hr waiting on that huge queue.

But ya at-least all H1 don’t wait move forward talk to the office and get this done max 30 mins i would say.

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Thank you so much to all users for their detailed posts. This site reminds me of Edulix from my masters application days.
Coming to my question, I have read the last 25 posts and some of you have mentioned a McDonald’s across the blue US-CBP building. Can I have my Uber ride drop me off at McDonald’s directly instead of the mall to avoid the walk? Are there any restrictions for vehicles to stop at McD?