I94 extension at San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border, Old passport expired, Renewed passport


(Anil Gupta) #57

Yes, this entry at San Diego border will be considered as ‘land’ entry I to US.

(Harsha) #58

Hey Thanks Anil for the info. Just had another query. While filling out the Online payment form should we give the new passport details or the old passport details on the i94 website.

Thanks Again,…


(Anil Gupta) #59

New passport details as the old passport is NOW cancelled.

(Harsha) #60

Thanks @Anil_Gupta for creating this page. Its Very usefull . So i got my i94 updated until my visa expiry today. But i was asked to cross the border and come back in , which i did, officer refused to make any changes without crossing the border. Since its a saturday , the queue from mexico was really huge. Had to wait for almost an hour , finally went to the same officer , he saw all the details and extended i94.


(Anil Gupta) #61

Hi @Sriharsha_Vijaykumar
You are welcome.
As we have mentioned, it’s your luck that you may or may not be asked to cross border.

And it is okay to cross border anyway.
Good that you shared your feedback. It is going to help lot of other people.

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Hi @Anil_Gupta ,
My case is some what complicated. At Port of Entry, my I94 was given till old passport expiration date of Aug 8th 2018. So, my I94 expired 14 days ago. Can I get my I94 renewed at this location. I have a valid H1B stamping and new passport. Please advice​.


(Abhilash) #68

Hi @Prasanna & @Uday_Kumar Hi Guys… I am receiving this error while trying to pay online. Do you have any idea about it? “The travel document information that you entered cannot be validated with U.S. official travel records. Please verify that the information you have entered is correct. If we are unable to verify the information, you will need to apply for your I-94 at a port of entry.”

(Abhilash) #70

Hi @Anil_Gupta & @Sriharsha_Vijaykumar : When I enter New Passport Number, I receive a verification error and it does not navigate to next screen. When I give Old Passport Number with new passport validity dates, I was able to navigate to next screen. Should we give New Passport Number or Old Passport Number. Thank you.

(Harsha) #71

I gave my old passport number and paid the fee. Yes what @Anil_Gupta says about your old passport is correct thats its invalid now. But on the i94 site it would recognise your old passport and not the new one as uscis will have records of your old passport only and not the new one as you would have got your stamping done on it.


(Abhilash) #72

Thanks for your response. @Sriharsha_Vijaykumar & @Anil_Gupta: Looks like your Old Passport did not expire when you went to extend I94. In my case, the old passport expired and I94 expired too (I94 given till passport expiry) but I have H1B stamping and I797 valid till March 2019. Can we get I94 extended if I94 already expired? Please confirm.

(Anil Gupta) #73

Hi @ark2015
As @Sriharsha_Vijaykumar has already answered correctly, on CBP website, you can only use your old passport number (which was used to get i94).
CBP does not have any record for your new passport yet.

This is fine.

(Anil Gupta) #74

You will have to go out of US and re enter mandatorily in your case.

After i94 expiry, if there is no application pending with USCIS, you are adding unlawful presence to your name.

You should take action immediately.

(Abhilash) #75

Okay. Thank you so much Anil.

(prasanna) #76

Abhilash, By now, you would have had the answers from Anil and others. Yes, you
should provide details of your old passport as that is the one on their records.

Also , I renewed my I-94 more than a month ahead of its expiry .Visited the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry
after paying the fee online the day before and the whole process got over in around 15 minutes time.
And I wasn’t even asked to cross the border. No other questions were asked as well. Just
handed over the documents and they returned those with the new I-94.

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(Ankit) #102

I have got my new i94 with the instructions given here.
Thanks everyone for the instructions.
Please feel free to ask any questions about the same process if any. However they are same as in above threads.

(Vinod) #103

I just got my I-94 extended today (9/18). This was a very smooth process.

  1. First, I went into the San Ysidro LPOE-West building (which is right next to the mall, and which is attached to Pedwest - bridge to cross into Mexico) and explained my situation to a CBP officer.

  2. He started the process, but seems like he was being trained and a senior officer came in to help him. The senior office asked me if I crossed the border to which I said no.

  3. He then asked me to come back after crossing the border. He also told all the officers standing near him to ensure that the applicants have crossed the border before extending their I-94s.

  4. I then walked across the bridge, went through Mexico immigration to get their stamping on the passport and then walked back to US.

  5. Then, I went back to the same CBP officer and he completed the process and handed over the paper I-94 with the extended date.

The whole process was very smooth and uneventful. It took me around 25 minutes.

Thanks to @Anil_Gupta for the postings, and others for sharing their experiences.

Anil - one observation though-your address for the San Ysidro LPOE-West building and other decription of the address is correct.

But the google map image that you have posted of that address is wrong. What you have posted is image of the East building and not the west.

The west building is attached to Pedwest, which is 499 Virgina Ave, San Diego CA 92173.

So, whatever google maps shows for Pedwest, that is the address for the San Ysidro LPOE-West building. See the attached image: