I94 extension at San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border, Old passport expired, Renewed passport


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Thanks for the feedback @vinodnama.
It will certainly help others.

I will change the image as per your suggestion.

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Hi Anil,
I have the similar case of having the i-94 differed after passport renewal, my case is a bit complex as I have a valid i-797 till 2020 but I have my H1 visa expired 2017. Would you recommend going to the port of entry for correction? If they would ask me to reenter from mexico border I would not have a valid visa to re enter. Could you please suggest ?

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Hi @rahulb
Yes, you can go to the San Diego Border for i94 correction/Extension.

Use Automatic Visa Revalidation - if asked to cross border

You can use the Visa Revalidation process to enter USA from Mexico if you are asked to cross border since your H1B stamp has already expired.
Make sure that your i94 is still valid (has not expired on the day) when you attempt to do it.

Read the details here:

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Thanks Anil… Glad I found this thread to get the right Information before I planned something crazy… Ha ha… Thanks a lot

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I visited the San Diego CBP office to extend my i-94 on Sep 29 2018 , I was asked to cross the border and then come back to the same office.
I walked to Mexico through the gate beside the CBP ofiice, went through the Mexican immigration , got out and took the bridge to come back to USA.
I went to the same office and got my i-94 renewed(I paid the fees online)
The process was easy and whole process took me 1 hour.
just remember you will be asked to cross the border, so take all your documents with you.

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Thanks @rahulkhanna for the feedback and sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

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Hi Anil, Thanks for your input.

I already planned to go to San Diego on October 24, is there anyone on the same situation and planning to go for I94 update.Please do let me know and we can plan accordingly.


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Hi Anil,

I got my I94 updated and thanks for providing the inputs and would like to share my experience.

  1. I just wanted to give a try before crossing the border, so I waited in the line for 15 min to meet a CBP officer and the first question she asked was whether did you crossed the border and I said NO and she told to cross the border and come back again.
  2. I just walked through the Mexico entrance and got the stamping by the Mexico officer and walked on the bridge and there are clear signs to Mexico and USA. So I just took the USA pathway and it in turn comes to the same USA CBP office.
  3. Waited again in the same line for I94 update for another 15 min.
  4. I was called by a new CBP officer this time.
  5. Asked few questions: 1. why are you here and where are you working. 2. Do you often come through Mexico Land border. 3. Do you have an employment letter (Luckily I had one otherwise I would have given my Pay Stub) 4. My working address was SFO, so she asked about my Travel Itinerary to check my return trip to SFO (Luckily I had a print out of my Flight ticket otherwise I would have showed my electronic Itinerary which was in my email) 5. Current Address Proof (I showed by Driving License).
  6. After all this, they gave me the new paper I94 and after 20 minutes I checked in I94 website and it was updated with new I94 date.
  7. My suggestion: Please take all of your documents while going there and we might not know what they will ask and its purely case by case. So be prepared.
  8. This was my experience when I went on October 25, 2018.

(Manami Bhunia) #138

I renewed my passport and I have 25 more days to stay in USA according to my I-94.I am going to do it in the CBP OFFICE upcoming weekend. Exactly what documents do I need to carry? And is it safe to go there and what about if they ask me to cross the border ? Is it safe in present political circumstances ?

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Hi @Manami_Bhunia
All your questions have already been answered in first post here:


hi manami bhunia,
i am also in same boat. my i94 will expire in jan2019. i am close to san dieago and planning to as soon as possible.i am looking for some one, who is same boat.please let me know if you are planning to go

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Hi Anil I see that a lot of people corrected the I94 dates after the passport renewal. This is my case my i94 expired jan 2018(which was my old passport expiry date) but i have my 797 until jan 2019 should I still try to make the change through one of the Border centers(San Diego or texas) are there any case like me.What can I do.

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Hi @arakitty
Yes, @soniya_jain renewed her i94 at San Diego after i94 already expired and she forgot to renew it within time.

Here is her experience (the same process as mentioned in first post above):

(arakitty) #145

Hi Anil
Thank you very much for quick response, does it make any difference if it is a H1 or H4.

(Anil Gupta) #146

Hi @arakitty
Yes, it does.
CBP is more strict with H1B more than H4.

As you have already overstayed your i94 validity, you have been violating your status all along.

It is in your interest that you immediately get your i94 renewed. You will most probably be asked to cross border.

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Hi @prasannagadde ,
I just went there last to last week. I had to cross the border and come back. It was pretty smooth.


HI Manami,
Thank you.