I485 Receipt Delay - Has USCIS lost the package?

Hi Anil,
First, I want to appreciate all the help you provided by answering the questions in the past.
My I485, adjustment of status application was received by USCIS lockbox on May 29th but they haven’t sent a receipt yet. I called the helpline and they had no answer for me. Is there anything that I can do other than just waiting?

You can call USCIS and that’s what you have already done.

What was USCIS response?

They created a ticket and said, will send it to the responsible processing center. They will contact via email in 30 business days. But my attorney says, they might have lost the application and we should re-file to be on the safe side.


I suggest to follow what your attorney says.

Didn’t you send it by tracking mail? I have not heard of cases before where USCIS has lost them.

Yes it was sent via FedEx to the lock box and the tracking info says, it was delivered on May 29th.

Update: Finally, we received the receipt notice in mail. We stopped re-filing at the last minute as the check was cashed by USCIS.
Application Sent: May 29, 2019
Check Cashed: July 16, 2019
Receipt notice in mail: July 22, 2019

Great. Congratulations.