I-94 Extension at San Yasid Ped West during COVID 19


I’m planning to visit San Yasidro Ped west CBP office to get my Son’s I-94 extension who is a L2 dependent. Please let me know if anyone have recent experience from this location? Also, are there any restrictions due to COVID q9? Appreciate any kind of information. Thanks

Just went on oct 1st for i-94 extension got it done.

San ysidro west is closed no one is there, ask the cab driver they will take to east side building. There when i asked for i94 some officer outside just showed me the mexico entrance and asked me to go into mexico n come back.

Its a 10 to 15mins walk just go into building u will get mexico entrance stamp, continue walking to outside and take right turn. U will see big line, go straight n ask officer its regarding i94 if he is good he will allow. For me he asked to follow the line, but i requested one lady in the front to join as i hv return flight. Officer will send bunch of ppl at a time. So go ahead when called and after entering there will be small yellow building on right saying permit office this is where they issue i94. U hv to pay $6 fee. Dont follow other ppl they go directly to USCBP. You have to go into permit room 1st to get i94. Then go to big blue building to enter into US.

Hope this helps…

Thanks to this group. I followed the instructions posted and it became easy otherwise its confusing

@Dr.Shalini_cheruku Thank you for your response with details. This really helps!

About docs, I’m planning to carry passport, I-129S and address proof. Did they check any other specific documents apart these?


I dont have idea about ur visa type. They took my passports, my I-797 and my spouse I-797 thats it

No worries. I was able to get the I-94 extension for my son. Thanks again for your guidance.