I-94 after using AVR at a land border

@Anil_Gupta We recently went to Canada for a day to complete our landing procedures at peace arch in WA. Overall a very smooth experience. I am on H1 and wife on H4; both with expired visas and valid i797s.

We used AVR to return back. And it was very quick! The officer just scanned our passports and looked at our i797s. That’s really it. They didn’t give us any new i94s, but when asked about it — they pointed to our i94s in our I797 and said those are ones we should be using in the future.

Note that the online i94 hasn’t updated but the travel history has.

Is this expected at a border crossing while using AVR?

“online i94 hasn’t updated but the travel history has”.
I have same experience. I travelled by Air.