I-539 COS denied today while H4 stamped last month

Hi Anil Gupta,

could you help me with my scenario.

Applied F1 to H4 COS while H1B result pending

I have applied for I-539 COS and I-765 EAD during Sep 2018 (from F1 to H4 while I was waiting for H1B result) after H1B denial was still waiting for COS status approval.

Travel to India while COS pending and h1B denied

but got to travel to India during Jan.

H4 Stamped in passport from US embassy

during that visit I have got my H4 stamped and came on valid H4 visa

H4 EAD approved but H4 COS denied

and later a week My EAD was approved and today my I-539 was denied.

I was in process of sending documents to revoke the I-539 COS but this denial happened during the process.

Do I need to worry on this or this is the process of abandoning the I-539 application by USCIS.

Please advise

You are fine as long as you have the H4 visa stamp in your passport.

You are lucky that your H4 EAD is approved though. Normally, USCIS denies both H4 COS and H4 EAD if you travel outside USA while H4 COS is pending.

Don’t worry. You are safe and fine at this time.

Thanks Anil, for a very quick reply, you saved my day.

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You are welcome. Have a good day and let me know if you need more information.