I-485 Change of Status Process


I applied for my Green Card in EB3 in 2013 with Company A, and in 2019 moved to one of the top4 consulting Company. 2021 they applied for my GC Perm Role as a Manager. It is approved. My priority date is current, but my actual Role is Senior.
Now Immigration team is not applying the I-485 because the Roles are different in Perm and My actual Role in Company.

Should Roles be the same to apply I-485? If yes, Is there any exceptions process?

If your new position is significantly different then the one in PERM then yes you will need to go through PERM process again. If the new position is similar (say at least 60-70% dities are same) to the role in your PERM, then you may not need a new PERM.

Alternately, if your employer is able to offer you the same position as in PERM, is able to pay and your ‘intent’ is to go back to the old role, you may not need to do PERM again.

Talk to your employer and their immigration lawyer to find suitable options for you.