How to get POA just to collect the home loan document from Axis bank

Thanks Hi Mr. Anil

My name is Priya . I have a question about power of attorney for collecting the home loan document from Axis bank India .

Our axis bank home loan is going to finish by next month . It’s in the name of my husband . I am traveling to india on June 3 rd but not my husband . Axis bank as send us the specific power of attorney (see attached image )and it says it should be in 200/- bond paper . My husband is decided to give the POA to me (I am going to india in 15 days) to collect the house documents . Can you please let me know how can I do this and what’s the process. NY embassy is near to me . It’s just Confusing about how can we get the 200/- bond paper In USA. Thanks in advance .

Priya !

As per my information, if you want the POA on Indian stamp paper, you have to get the POA printed from India.

Someone from your family can get it printed and mail it to you in US.
Then, you can get it attested from Indian embassy in New York.

If there was no stamp or bond paper required, you could have simply printed POA content on plain paper.

You can also call Axis bank and ask if NRIs need stamp paper too.
We have used a plain paper POA in SBI bank attested from New York Embassy and it worked fine.

Thanks . I will look into this .

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Hi Priya, I am in similar situation as yours. My Home loan with Axis bank is fully paid now and I am in Canada. What is the process to allow my father to pick up the property documents from Axis bank?

Hi Priya,
I have same scenario as yours but still struggling with SBI.
i have closed loan in Feb 2020 and now I need my agreements documents back for registration purpose.
can you pass it on this POA to me and I will try my luck with SBI?

SBI is worst in terms of handling customer queries they just pass ball from one department to another.