How to cross the border at San Diego border for i94 extension?

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I believe you answered below questions earlier but i was not able to follow, can you please answer below again?

  • When you pay i94 fee online, should we give the old passport details or New passport details?

  • Once the i94 gets extended, will I be able to check my i94 using new passport number or old one?

  • If we are asked to cross the border, can you please explain the steps we need to follow?

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Passport number for i94 online payment at CBO website

First try with NEW passport number. If it works, you are good.

If there is an error thrown by CBP website, try with old passport and it should work.

If none work i.e. neither old nor new passport number, then the only option for you is to pay in cash at border entry.

Check i94 status online after extension at San Diego border

You can try checking with both passport numbers. Usually, CBP officer attach the new i94 with old passport as it has your visa stamp.

Crossing the border at San Diego

You can read the first hand experience shared by @vinodnama for crossing the border and re-entering USA:

Thank you @Anil Gupta for your suggestion.
I was able to get my i94 extended at Sandiego with the process you explained. Thanks,

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