How to check status of USCIS e Service request online?

Hi Anil,
Can we able to see the status of service request online which was raised for my H1B extension?

Thanks in advance !!

USCIS Service Request status Check Option 1

Use this link to check status:

Enter your case receipt number (and not the service request number). The status history would show the service request details as well.


You will also get an email like this once your service request is completed:

The status of this service request is:

We researched your case and found that your case has been assigned to an officer and is currently being processed. We will send you a written notice when we make a decision on your application or to let you know if we need any additional information. We regret that we cannot provide a definitive timeframe on the processing of your application, but assure you that we are committed to the timely processing of applications for employment authorization.

USCIS Service Request status Check Option 2

Create a log in on USCIS website. Then, add your RECEIPT number.

Once you add the receipt number, you should be able to see the 'service request (SR11111111111CSC) details in ‘Case history’.

Case history would show they raised a service request or something similar status.

That’s the only way to see it.
Let me know if you are able to see it.