How many times I can cancel and reschedule the dropbox appointment?


I am planning for a vacation to India in December 2020, and I have already submitted my DS160 application for visa drop box appointment in Chennai location.
While booking the drobox appointment I could see it is available only for November month and nothing is available for December.

  1. Is it something booking is not opened for drobox appointment in December? When it will be open for December?
  2. I booked appointment for Nov 20, 2020 since that is the one date available now. Is it possible to cancel it and book again once December is open? How many times I can cancel and reschedule the drobox appointment?
  3. Also I am currently in USA, I switched my employer from A to B in April 2020 and did an amendment for location change in Sep 2020. I am planning to do the stamping with the petition approved amended petition in Sep2020. Will my situation comes under the below category
    Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

It will be appreciated if you help me with the above question.


You should be able to reschedule dropbox appointment once it opens for December.

You can check current travel ban rules here.