How long does RFE response take. My 240 days over pennding - H1B visa

Hi ,

My H1b Visa application pending more than 240 days, case is pending with USCIS due to work load, intially it was filed with Californiia location they they transferred to Nebraska for processing my case.

my work autorhorization stoped Nov 20th. RFE raised on Nov 15th.

my company also raise a request for expedite this case . as per my employer RFE responded received by USCIS on DEC 2nd 2018…

do you have any idea how long it will take respond RFE for expedited case. note initially its filed as normal process…

At this time, RFE responses are taking an average of 90+ days.

Not sure what you mean by expedite request?

As per USCIS policy even though premium process suspend we can ask for visa expdite under certrain criteria.

after 240 days my employer raised expedited request…

I understand what expedite request is but you said ‘expedite’ request is approved.

Are you sure expedite request was approved? It is very rare that USCIS approves it.

If your expedite request has really been approved, you are super lucky and you may receive result within a month.

ok…thanks for your swift response… i am not sure whether they approved or not, not updated by employer…