H4EAD Name update while working with Employer?


My wife received an H4 EAD with the below Name :-

First Name : “Given Name” in Indian passport
Last Name : “LNU” because she had blank “surname” in the passport.

This name is technically fine for us, but in some documents she have name like below
First Name : “FNU”
Last Name : “Given Name” in Indian passport

And since she is already working with an employer from last few weeks now, and we would like to update her name in H4 EAD, so that all her documents have the same name.

So in this scenario, could someone let us know how can we do that while still working with an employer.


If I were you I wont worry about the name on EAD if the employer doesn’t have any issue and if it matches with the passport which is the primary ID for non-immigrants.
If you still want to pursue fixing the name, you will need to reapply for EAD and your spouse can keep working on existing EAD till the new is issued.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Thanks for sharing the information.

The reason why we want to pursue her name change is because she is not able to get her driving license with name “LNU” as DMV is not accepting that in SSN.

And since she just started working, so we were thinking to get this fixed to avoid any problems which may come in future. As H4 visa stamp also have FNU.

Our main worry was whether we can file while she is working as her employer already did I9. So thought to check here.


You can file another application and can keep working while it is processed. Once approved switch to new EAD.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi