H4ead litigation stopped by Rn law group

Has Rnlawgroup stopped filing litigations these days .I heard uscis challenged them in the court and so they have stopped filing new .Is there anyone who have applied litigation through rnlawgroup since feb 2020 and got approval?

I am not sure if they have stopped filing the litigation or not.

But, most people are getting the H4 EAD approval within 4-5 months anyway.

Hi Anil,

I applied for H1+H4+H4EAD on 15th Jan, so waiting time reaching almost 5 months, I tried expediting the case but didn’t get any success.

As you said now a days it`s getting approved in 4-5 months, that gives a little hope, have you seen such pattern for California Center also ?

My wife’s EAD is expiring in couple of weeks, so it`s stressful.
Thank you for your time,