H4EAD card Typo Error - my mistake in i765

Hi, I received my H4EAD card(Renewal) but there is a very minor mistake in my surname. An alphabet has been missed. I checked the initial documentation sent to USCIS and realized that the typo error is my fault.

Now my questions are-

  1. Can I continue working with this incorrect card without trying to replace as I’m scared it will take a long time to get corrected EAD? Will it get me into any trouble in future?
  2. If I apply for replacement, will they treat it as new application and will I have to redo biometrics and wait for long time?
  3. Can I continue to work till I receive my replacement card as I won’t be having physical card in hand (It needs to be sent to uscis for replacement)?
  4. Will the validity dates(start date/end date) in replacement card be same as old ead card?

Appreciate your help. Tia.

Hi @Rak

As per the official rules, you should file a new EAD application to get the error fixed.

I don’t know if working with card with wrong name will be an issue or not in future.

My personal opinion is that its a small spelling mistake and you can use the card. You can file for correction and keep working using current card until a new one arrives.

You can call USCIS and ask if this mistake can be fixed without going through the whole process again.
As per my experience, USCIS fixes their own mistake free of cost but will ask you to file again of its your mistake.

If you file again, standalone H4 EAD does not need biometric.

Thanks Anil, this is heplful! I will call USCIS and check for the options. Please let me know whether the validity period (Start date and End date) be same in the replacement card as my current card(with spelling error)?

The dates should be same.

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