H4 visa processing with H1B amendment - file myself

I may need to do LCA amendent due to change in location.

With that, im planning to process h4 visas for my dependents on my own. Is that possible?

If so, what would be the fees for a spouse and 3 old kid? How long it ll take for processing?

You can file H4 visa yourself.

Sample H4 form and fees are given here.

Thanks for your response. I have couple of question for you…I would be a first time US visitor and my current H1B is with client A but i may travel for client B for a different location.

  1. In this case, my LCA has to be amended correct?
  2. Once amendment is filled, when shall I travel to US? is it like once I receive the receipt number or once the process is completed.
  3. Meanwhile my amendment is done, shall I process H4 for my dependents or should I wait for that to be completed?

Hi @Vadhav

Have you already got the H1B visa stamped in your passport or not?

Yes, I have it stamped in my passport.

Hi @Vadhav

My suggestion is to travel only after your H1B amendment approval.

You can apply H4 visa for your dependents while you are waiting for H1B amendment result.