H4 Visa Interview while H1B amendment is in progress?

Hi Anil,

I am in US and have a valid H1B visa and I-94 till July 25 2021. Recently my Company filed H1B Amendment due to change in client & location. Can my family attend for H4 Visa stamping while my H1B amendment is in progress? Please Suggest.

Appreciate your response.

Hi @manne

It is risky to attend H4 visa interview while amendment is in progress and if you have started working for the new client/location.

Visa officer may ask questions about your current client and work and if the details do not match the approved H1B i797, then it may be an issue.

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Hi, i had the similar case. My h1b amendment was in progress, and the orginial one was valid. I had already started working on the amended location too so my salary slips were containing the new location information.

My spouse attended the h4 visa stamping interview in mumbai consulate and presented the copy of my approved h1 and receipt of my amendment petition.
Visa officer stamped his passport with the validity end date of my approved petition without any issues.

So this is my success story, things can go either way, but fortunately they went the positive side for me.



Thanks Jaya for sharing your expereince. My wife and kids having interview on Nov 5 and 6th lets hope for the best.

If possible could you please list out the questions which were asked during interview.

Hi Praveen,

I am also having same issue. Can you please explain what happened in your case