H4 Visa & i-94 expired

My H4 visa got expired on July 31, 2021. I-94 also got expired the same day. My Husband is on H1B with validity until 2023. He changed employer last year and I had a valid h4 visa so did not have the need to extend it back then. I have recently travelled back to US in Apr 2021. I have a US citizen child of 4 years of age and I am a house wife. What are my options?

Am I out of status and need to exit the country ASAP?
Is there any grace period to stay and file for H4 while being in USA? Please advise.



There is no grace period but you need to hire a good immigration lawyer ASAP and they will file your H4 extension using NPT so that the new extension can be approved from the date your I-94 expired. In future make sure you also apply for H4 extension of status when your spouse files his H1B extension or change the employer.

Yes. I reached out to an immigration lawyer. Thank you so much!