H4 visa denied what r the options left

I applied my h4 visa extension in September 2019 along with h1. Which got denied in June 2020. We again reapplied with medical condition for retro approval. My husband visa got approved till August 2022 with previous i94. They denied h4 visa telling that my visa expired in October 2019 and I applied on August 2020. They didn’t consider the medical condition or they didn’t looked at the entire case history.
Now I am 32 weeks pregnant and due on September 15.

At this point, what are the options I have left with ? Please advice

Did you consult a good immigration lawyer yet? You should have filed the 2nd time under NPT.

Why was it denied the first time?

We filed NPT second time on Medical Condition, which they didn’t even consider.

The denial notice just says that my I-94 expired on October 2019 why have you filed in August 2020.

Primary applicant visa was denied based on speciality occupation reason.

You need good attorney for your case and need to involve local senator to help reopen your case asap.

How can senator help my case? I heard that they can only expedite the case!

They can request USCIS to reconsider and reopen the case.
Work through a good lawyer.

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