H4 visa denial notice but another h4 pending

I switched job on h1b and my visa transfer was filed in premium in nov 2019.

my wife’s and kid’s h4 was also filed at the same time.

This transfer got denied and it was filed again in jan and got approved on 30th jan 2020. My wife’s h4 was also filed again. I94 valid till march 31st.

Now, I got a denial notice in august that my wife’s first h4 extension is denied based on the first transfer that got rejected.

Since there is another h4 extension already filed with USCIS along with my approved h1 transfer, can she stay with me now or she has to leave USA?

If the second H4 was filed before H4’s i94 expiry, then she can stay in the US.

Thank you Anil. That really helps