H4 Transfer due to company change and H4 EAD impact

My spouse is moving to a new company, and new company is applying for H1 B and H4 in premium. I currently have H4 EAD which is valid till October 2023.
Will there be any problem with my EAD, if H1 and H4 is transferred by new company, without I placing new request for EAD extension?


Your EAD still stays valid. To use the EAD, you just need H1B & H4 in valid status.

Thank you Kalpesh.
There have been delays in H4 extnesion’s even though H1 is approved in premium, will this impact the validity of current EAD as H4 transfer is in progress?

Also - Will there be any problem with EAD extension 6 months prior to October 2023 (current Expiry) when I do with new H1 and H4?

Thanks again for your quick response.

No, you said your EAD is valid till 2023 so it will remain valid. You can keep working on valid EAD while your H4 extension of status application is pending and the primary H1B is actively employed with valid H1B approval.


Thanks much Kalpesh for your response. Appreciate.