H4 extn pending, passport expiry and applying renewal at ckgs

Hi Anil,
My friend applied H4 extn for his wife & minor child and its decision is pending for last 8 months. Now child passport is going to expire in 2 months, will it create any problem of denying H4 extn and will it be possible to renew the child passport at ckgs with proof that case is applied and taking printout of “Case Received” from uscis website?
please suggest any other options at this critical time…

The H4 extension won’t be denied but there are high chances that a RFE will be issued for submitting valid passport, if they work on the application after it has expired.

You can apply for passport renewal with CKGS with the H4 extension pending application’s receipt number ( i797 notice of receipt).

Heard while reading online that, Ckgs won’t issue renewal and they put on hold , its kind of deadlock where uscis wants new passport and ckgs wants approval copy of H4. Is it true what i heard of? Are there any other options to resovle this?

Hi @myvisa122

I don’t think so. I have not heard of any case where they have put it on hold.

While starting the application on CKGS website, you have the option of selecting if your US visa is ‘pending with USCIS’. Select that option.


Passport renewal basically has nothing to do with your H1B visa.
All they need is that you are in US legally, which you can prove with the pending application receipt number.


My H1- H4 COS application is still pending with USCIS since Feb 2020. My passport is going to expire in Feb 2021. I am thinking to renew my passport as I need it for other reasons. Will renewing my passport now impact my h4 application which is still in process? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Abhishek_Tayal

Passport renewal should not affect your pending application.

Thank you very much Anil for your response.

Hi Anil. I have a similar situation here… My Indian Passport is getting expired by Nov 27th, 2021.

My H4 status is still pending (received date: May 12, 2020) however my biometrics is scheduled on April 27th, 2021.

My husband has his H1B visa till Nov 31, 2021. He’s preparing all the documents now for his next extension… Can I apply my H4 extension along with him or renew my passport first and then apply for H4 extension? Please advice… Also it would be really helpful to know the current processing time for passport renewal. Thank you!

I suggest to get passport renewed.

Thank you so much, Anil!!

How to send the renewed passport copy to uscis?

Hi , My H1B extension got approved . My kids Passport is expirying in less than 4 months now , I had already sent for renewal but it’s taking longer than usual . As visa is getting expired in 1.5 month , can I use old passport to apply H4 extension ? Please suggest