H4 extension withdrawn but approved by USCIS. What to do?

I had applied for H4 to F1 COS and later H4 extension. The F1 got approved in November end. We filled in first week of Dec the withdrawal of the H4 extension. Mid Jan the H4 extension gets approved. What are my options to stay on F1 itself without having to go out of country and get stamping done? Does having submitted the withdrawal take precedence over the last action rule?

H4 extension of status approved after you change of status from H4 to F1 does not mean you are back to H4. You are still in F1 status.if any doubt, call USCIS and ask them about your current status.

Is there a particular reasoning because of which you say that or is it from your own experience?

I know from my knowledge of USCIS laws and policies, though I am not a lawyer.

Thanks for the insight. Yes, I am seeing similar experiences from other posts on the forum too where you are very active. I will check with USCIS tomorrow. Fingers crossed (hoping for the best).

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