H4 Extension Got RFE- Spouse Indian Passport Expired -

I have applied for H4 Extension, My current H4 expires at August 2020. I have applied for Extension since my husband having valid visa which until Nov-2021…
But i have got RFE and i have to send these below documents
a)Complete Passport of Spouse
b)Spouse paystubs
c)Marriage Certificate: Submit certified copy of your marriage certifcate that has been recorded by a civil registrar to establish your relationship with your spouse. The certificsate must indicate that the marriage was registered or recorded with the appropriate civil authorities after the ceremony took place, Provide the foreign language document with a complete certified english translation. Any document submitted to the Service containing a foreign language, must be accompanied by a full English language translation that has been certified by the translator as complete and accurate and that the translator is competent to translate from the foreign language into English…

But my spouse passport expired by April 4,2020. But i have applied this H4 Extn on Februrary 2020.
Can i send the copy of expired passport, but it has valid visa stamping. Due to COVID my husband not able to submit indian passport extension.

Also any copy of marriage certifiate is fine for H4 extn approval?

Thanks for your help
pl let me know how can i respond for this RFE.

Why didn’t your spouse passport renewal earlier in Feb or March when the services were open?

The marriage certificate should be a valid one and registered certificate from your home country.

We applied H4 Extension for my wife on Feb 2020… We got RFE Today.

But i am having valid passport, the problem my spouse indian passport expired in between April 8,2020.
with the RFE they asked my spouse passport copy along with other docs
can i show the expired passport copy of my spouse(This has valid visa stamping as well)

I have marriage Certificate which is registered in local registrar office… will that be sufficient

My husband missed to renew the passport at present he is waiting for passport offices to open

You should renew the passport first. Expired documents are not accepted by USCIS.

Thats the problem… Indian passport services are closed anyhow my spouse emailed them to check.
But i have to respond to USCIS by June 1st… They did not even give 60 days… they just gave 30 days to respond
My another question is i have valid passport and i am applying for H4 Extn. Still my spouse passport need to be valid?

What are my options. I am pressurised now


You have extra 60 days to respond over and above what’s mentioned in your RFE letter.

H4 is always dependent on H1B. H1Bs documents should always be valid to get H4 Extension.