H4-EAD validity with previous I-140 and change of employer

I am working on H1B and completed 6 years and got my I-140 approved with my employer.
Also, I have got 3 years extension on H1B and have stamped visa.

I will apply for my wife’s EAD now.

If my wife’s H4-EAD gets approved in next 2-3 months for 3 years.

Now, if I change employer, will my wife’s EAD be valid for 3 years in case of my previous I-140 revoked or remain valid until new I-140 approved with new employer?

My new employer will fill the Labor and I-140 for me once I join them.

H4 EAD remains valid even if I140 is revoked

H4 EAD, once approved, will remain valid for it’s due time irrespective of your i140 withdrawal by previous employer.

New Employer’s I140 can be used to renew H4 EAD

Once you change employer, and they file a new i140, you can use it at the time of H4 -EAD renewal.

i140 revocation by employer after 6 months does not affect employee

As per new rule, starting Jan 2017, USCIS does not revoke your i140 on employer’s request, unless they see a fraud been conducted.